In the Press

In the Press

Press Coverage of Bhasha’s Initiatives and Events

Loksatta: Varichi Parampara jivant thevanyasathi pratimanchi Bhasha vikasit karavi

Lokmat: Samaj ghadavinyachi takada Varita

Sakaal: Kahihi zala tari mage hatu naka: Dr. Ganesh Devi 

Maharashtra Times: Andolan garjechech matra vargatahi basaa 

Sakaal: Bhavishyatil Bhasha Pratimanchi Asel: Dr. Devi 

Loksatta: Andolan Suru Thevatanacha Vargatahi basa 

Mi Marathi: Shahaara Annanaar Assal Atmakathan 

Budhan Theatre to offer two IGNOU recognised courses; 23rd May 2011 

Gujarat looses one language every 5 years; 21st February 2011

Regional languages must survive: Experts; 28th January 2011

Academic spheres to engage towards populations

They will be in evian a portrait of Ganesh Devy; 16th November 2010

Mahatma Gandhi was a father too; 3rd May 2010

Phase 1 of survey to map Himalayan languages to begin soon; 4th April 2010

Multilingual democracy; April 2010

The loss of languages: What’s all the fuss about? April 2010’s-all-the-fuss-about.html

The case for a linguistic survey; April 2010

Green Economic Zone grabs global attention; 2nd April 2010

Implementing RTE still a distant dream in Gujarat; 12th April 2010

Giving voice to our Bhashas; 12th March 2010

Bhasha conclave ends with the discovery of 8 new dialects; 11th March 2010

National linguistic survey likely by year end; 11th March 2010

National Convention airs concern over threat to Indian Languages; 10th March 2010

La lutte des Bhils pour leur survie au Gujarat; 10th March 2010
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The Forest of Languages and Hope; 10th March 2010

Eminent Linguist D.P Pattanayak says Indian Languages are threatened; 9th March 2010

National language meet calls for linguistic survey; 8th March 2010

Symposium held on Gujarat tribal literature, culture; 28th February 2010

Being Indian, you have no right to be cynical; February 2010

Language of life; 27th December 2009

The struggle to preserve India’s wealth of languages; 15th December 2009

Hundreds of Indian Languages Struggle to survive; 13th December 2009

Budhan bolta hai; August 2009

The green world order; 27th June 2009

128 villages promise support of green economic zones; 16th June 2009

India failing adivasi tribes with sickle cell; June 2009

Tribal to launch green economic zones; 12th May 2009 

South African scholars to study city’s tribal model; 11th February 2009

IGNOU tie up for tribal students 11/2/09

Move to link 14 tribal museums through digital technology; 9th January 2009

Talking Native; 28th December 2008

Rescuing cultures of India from A-Z; 10th November 2008

Dramatic Turn; 27th October 2008

Giving adivasis a voice; October 2008

UNESCO invites tribal rights activist to Paris; 15th September 2008

Here literacy is unimportant; 22th June 2008

Japan gives grant to NGO for tribal empowerment; 7th December 2007

Government stressed upon preservation of Tribal Culture; 22th May 2007

Bhasha Trust’s Himalayan Task? 29th December 2006

The tribal world and imagination of the future; 14th November 2006

National convention of nomads and adivasis; 23th May 2005

Nomads together; 23th May 2005

Under the Mahuda tree; 7th December 2003

Rock paintings from the Bhil kingdom; October 2003

The prison of their own bodies; September 2002

A Gentle Crusader; 22th August 2002

Silent no more; September 2001

Water sharing August 2001

Tejgadh tribals chart own course; 29th June 1999

Gentle people converge at Tejgadh; 29th June 1999

Cop looses contest, wins over hearts; 8th February 1998