Budhan Theatre

Bhasha took up the cause of the Denotified and Nomadic Tribes Rights Action Group following the Verrier Elwin Memorial Lecture delivered by Smt Mahasveta Devi on the denotified communities in 1998. Following the lecture, Bhasha started a community library at Chharanagar, a former colonial settlement on the northern outskirts of Ahmedabad. The library in turn gave birth to a new theatre movement in the country. Named after Budhan, a Sabar killed in police atrocity in West Bengal, Budhan Theatre is theatre for a cause. The group has received international acclaim for introducing a new idiom of expression in the field of theatre. More significantly, Budhan Theatre has transformed the identity of the community. Once known as a den of criminals, Chharanagar is now recognized for the creative talent of its members. The Budhan Theatre plays are experimental in both form and content. The group has performed both nationally and internationally in various forums and has emerged as a national platform for pooling the creative energies of nomadic communities, studying their traditional cultural practices and documenting and disseminating this information amongst wider society to bridge social differences and bring about attitudinal changes.

To know more about Budhan Theatre, please visit www.budhantheatre.org