Bhasha has instituted several cultural melas of adivasis and denotified communities. On these occasions the adivasi artists gather to present their theatre, songs, folk epics, dance and music. These include the:

The Kaleshwari mela is held on Mahashivratri day at Kaleshwari, 16 km north of Lunawada, Panchmahals. The Mela has been bringing to life Kaleswari Ni Naal, an archeological site in Panchmahals, every Mahashivaratri. The mela was organized for the first time in 1999, by Prof. Kanji Patel as a gathering of nomadic communities, stigmatized by history. Today, the site is a dazzling spectacle on every Mahashivratri with a gathering of 15000 visitors including people including writers, artists and performers.

Bhasha has instituted the Kaleshwari Award for recognition of Artists:

2011 Dahyabhai Vadhu
2012 Mansing Rathwa
2013 Kalpana Gagdekar
2014 Dahyabhai Bhat
2015 Madan Meena

The Toor Music Melas at Tejgadh brings together tribal artists from all across Gujarat for documentation of music and musical instruments.

The annual conference on DNTs is held at Charanagar, Ahmedabad, on 31st August, the denotification day (1952) of the DNTs.