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Editorial Collective

The PLSI is guided by the Editorial Collective, which has been constituted voluntarily.

The Role of the Editorial Collective is:

  • To facilitate documentation of language information in the Member’s own state
  • To ensure the accuracy of the date provided,
  • To ensure parity of information between entries received within a respective state,
  • To follow up with contributors so as to complete the survey of the respective state
  • To oversee the process of translation and publication of the volumes,
  • To network with other Members of the Editorial Collective for mutual exchange of inputs,
  • To advise the Coordination wing of the PLSI on related issues.
State Name of Editorial Collective Member
Andhra Pradesh Prof. Usha Devi, Hyderabad
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Reddy, Hyderabad
Arunachal Pradesh Ms. Lisa Lomdak, Guwahati, Assam
Assam Dr. Bibha Bharali, Guwahati, Assam
Dr. Banani Chakravarty Guwahati, Assam
Bihar Dr. Vibha Chauhan, New Delhi
Dr. Rama Shankar Singh, Patna, Bihar
Chhatisgarh Dr. C. R. Kar, Raipur, Chhatisgarh
Dr. B. R. Sahu Raipur, Chhatisgarh
Goa Dr. Madhavi Sardesai, Goa
Gujarat Kanji Patel, Vadodara, Gujarat
Haryana Late Dr. Omkar Koul, New Delhi
Dr. Roop Kishen Bhat, New Delhi
Himachal Pradesh Shri Tobdan, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir Late Dr. Omkar Koul, New Delhi
Dr. Roop Kishen Bhat, New Delhi
Jharkhand Smt. Ramnika Gupta, New Delhi
Prof. Prabhatkumar Singh, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Karnataka Prof. H.M. Maheshwariah, Dharwad, Karnataka
Kerala Dr. M. Sreenathan, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh
Pro.Joseph Koyippally, Kasaragod, Kerala
Madhya Pradesh Damodar Singh Jain
Maharashtra Shri Arun Jakhade, Pune, Maharashtra
Manipur Mr. K. Nipuni Mao, Shilong, Meghalaya
Meghalaya Prof. Esther Syeim Shilong, Meghalaya
Mizoram Cherrie Lalnunziri Chhangte, Aizawl, Mizoram
Nagaland Prof. D. Koulie, Kohima, Nagaland
Orissa Dr. D. P. Patnaik, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Dr. Mahendra Mishra, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Punjab Late Dr. Omkar Koul, New DelhiDr. Roop Kishen Bhat, New Delhi
Rajasthan Dr. Madan Meena, Kota, Rajasthan
Dr. Surajmal Rao, Udepur, Rajasthan
Sikkim Dr. Bala R. Pandey, Gangtok, Sikkim
Tamil Nadu Prof. V. Gnansundaram, Mysore, Tamil Nadu
Prof. K. Rangan, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
Tripura Dr. Sukhendu Debbarma, Agartala, Tripura
Uttar Pradesh Prof. Badri Narayan, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Uttarakhand Dr. Uma Bhatt, Nainital, Uttarakhand
Dr. Shekhar Pathak,Nainital, Uttarakhand
West Bengal Prof. Sankar Singha, Midnapore, West Bengal
Dr. Indranil Acharya,Midnapore, West Bengal

Union Territories Name of Editorial Collective Member
Andaman and Nicobar Prof. Franscis Neelam, Port Blair, Andaman
Dadara and Nagar Haveli Prof. Kanji Patel, Vadodara, Gujarat
Daman and Diu Prof. Kanji Patel, Vadodara, Gujarat
Lakshadeep Dr. M. Sreenathan, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh
Pro.Joseph Koyippally, Kasaragod, Kerala
Pondicherry Dr. L. Ramamoorthy, Mysore, Karnataka

Sign Languages Name of Editorial Collective Member
Smt. Nisha Grover, Vadodara, Gujarat
Prof. Tanmoy Bhattacharya, New Delhi
Dr. Surinder Randhawa, New Delhi

Volume Name of Editorial Collective Member
Sindhi/Sanskrit/Nepali Dr. L. Khubchandani, Pune, Maharashtra
Urdu/Persian/Arabic Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumar, New Delhi
English/French/Portuguese Prof. Vijay Kumar, Hyderabad
Hindi Prof. Shailja Bhardwaj, Vadodara, Gujarat
Census Survey and Policy Name of Editorial Collective Member
Prof. B. Mallikarjun,Gulburg, Karnataka
Translation Advisors Name of Editorial Collective Member
Late Prof. Avadesh Kumar Singh, New Delhi
Prof. Ipshita Chanda, Kolkata
Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, Hyderabad


  • Emesco Books, Hyderabad
  • Shri K. V. Akshara, Karnataka
  • Padmagandha Prakashans, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Banalata Publisher Guwahati, Assam
  • Orient Blackswan Pvt.Ltd,New Delhi

Peer Review Experts

  • Late Prof. Avadesh Kumar Singh, (For Gujarat), New Delhi
  • Prof. Sonal Kulkarni Joshi, (For Maharashtra), Pune, Maharashtra
  • Prof. Anamika, (For Jharkhand), New Delhi
  • Prof. Asha Sarangi, (For Himachal), New Delhi
  • Prof. Joseph Koyippally, (For Tamil Nadu and Kerala), Kasaragod, Kerala
  • Prof. Temsula Aao, (For Nagaland and Meghalaya),
  • Prof. Tamnay Bhattacharya, (For West Bengal), New Delhi
  • Dr. Prayag Joshi, (For Uttarakhand), Nainital, Uttarakhand
  • Dr. Priyankoo Sarmah, (For Assam)
  • Dr. L. Khubchandani, (For MP and Chhattisgarh), Pune, Maharashtra
  • Prof. B. Rama Krishna Reddy, (For Andhra Pradesh), Secunderabad
  • Dr. B. Mallikarjun, (for Karnataka), Gulburg, Karnataka
  • Dr. Rangadhar Kar, (For West Bengal), West Bengal
  • Prof. Himanshu Pandya, (For Rajasthan), Udaipur, Rajasthan

National Conveners

Nominated by members of PLSI , the National Conveners help:

  • To plan workshops as necessary for documentation and translation of the materials documented,
  • To link with publishing houses and to have the volumes published,
  • To advise State Coordinators of the PLSI for improving the quality of their work,
  • To consider inter-volume parity
  • To represent the PLSI at Government level if and when such need arises

National Convener

Dr. D. P. Pattanayak
Dr. K. K. Chakravarty
Prof. G.N. Devy


Prof. Dr. Ganesh N. Devy (b. 1950) has an illustrious career as a thought-provoking teacher and author, an incisive thinker and speaker, and grassroots-level activist for tribal rights, culture and languages. His many accomplishments have won him some of the most prestigious awards globally. He continues to be an involved intellectual and an inspiring figure for a wide range of young people from different backgrounds and interests. After the successful completion of the PLSI, he has now undertaken the making of Global Language Status Report. Prof. Ganesh Devy has received honours and awards including the Padmashri.


The Coordination wings of PLSI helps:

  • To maintain communication with state Coordinators and with the Editorial Collective,
  • To raise adequate funds for the PLSI so that the work can be completed,
  • To provide the necessary administrative support for the PLSI work.


Prof. Surekha Devi

Coordination Assistance

Shri Vipul Kapadia
Phone:(0265) 2961968 / 2969059

The Continuity Committee

The Continuity Committee was formulated on 25th April, 2015 with the following resolutions:

  • That it will work to promote linguistic diversity in India and nurture languages without any discrimination
  • That a Magazine under the title “Bhasha Patra” will be created with Dr. Madan Meena, Dr. Indranil Acharya and Dr. Kiran Singh as editors for Hindi, English and E-Magazine version respectively. The first issue of Bhasha Patra will be available in January 2016.
  • That the PLSI will start actively collaborating with Hyderabad Literary Festival under the guidance of Dr. T. Vijay Kumar.
  • That for both these initiatives, Prof. Avadesh Kumar Singh will coordinate between Bhasha Centre, Orient Blackswan, Editors and Hyderabad Literary Festival.
  • That the Editorial Advisors for Bhasha Patra will be chosen from eminent persons in this field as well as from the communities.
  • That for volumes 51 and 52, Dr. T. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Indranil Acharya will editors for English version and Dr. Kiran Singh and Dr. Madan Meena will be editors for the Hindi version. Volume 51 will be brought out in 2025 and Volume 52 in 2035.
  • That Prof. G.N. Devy will continue to guide the Continuity Committee

For sharing latest information about registered and unregistered language(s) in the People’s Linguistic Survey of India please contact the Editors of Bhasha Patra:

Name Role Email address
Dr. Madan Meena Editor, Bhasha Patra(Hindi)
Dr. Indranil Acharya Editor, Bhasha Patra(English)
Dr. Kiran Singh Editor, Bhasha Patra(E-Version)

Bhartiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan Expert Committee

Bhasha Research and Publication Centre on 12th June, 2015 has accepted to constitute an Expert Committee for allocating, assessing and monitoring the translation of the PLSI volumes into Hindi.

The Expert Committee (BBLSEC) shall consist of the following eminent scholars:

  • Professor O N Koul, Ex-CIIL
  • Professor T S Satynath, Ex-MILLS, DU
  • Dr Jagdish Sharma, IGNOU
  • Dr R P Pandey, IGNOU
  • Dr R K Bhatt, Ex-CIIL
  • Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh, IGNOU, Convenor

The term of the BBLSEC shall be of three years from the date of this communication.

The Expert Committee shall have the right to identify and invite suitable scholars for carrying out translations of the PLSI volumes and to accept/reject the translations for publication. The Committee shall ensure that Orient Blackswan receive all manuscripts of good quality and complete translations of the PLSI volumes between March 2016 and December 2016. Members of BBLSEC shall be eligible for reimbursement of local travel expenses in Delhi incurred for the purpose of meetings or discussion with the publishers. A clear mention of the BBLSEC's contribution to getting the PLSI volumes translated shall be made in the specific PLSI volumes.

Scholars invited to join the Expert Committee may kindly communicate their consent by mail to Prof. A K Singh, Convener BBLSEC (email address:

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