This page contains information on the milestones of Bhasha so far.

BHASHA has established since its inception, the following institutions and activities:

  • Bhasha Publications, 1997 (More than 100 titles of Adivasi Literature) Denotified and Nomadic Tribes Rights Action Group, 1998 (TAG Report to Government)

  • Budhan Theatre and Library, Ahmedabad, 1998 (More than 1500 plays all over India)

  • Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh, 2000 (Museum, Library, Workshop, Non-formal school, guest houses, Ayurvedi Clinic etc)

  • Vidya Non Formal Education Programme, 2000 : (Approx 68000 children educated and admitted to the Government Primary School)

  • Prakriti: Tribal Healthcare Programme, 2001 (Approx 3.00 lakh tribal patients got benefits)

  • Microfinance Programme, 2001 (2200 SHGs and 48000 families involved) Tribal Food Grain Banks, 2002 (5000 Women members) Gram Vikas Kendras or Development Services Centres,2002 (100 DSCs all over Gujarat)

  • Library at Academy (more than 65000 books on tribals all over India and world) Vasantshala Residential Education Centre,Center for Mother Tongue and Multilingual Education, 2004 (800 children got admission in Government Boarding School after Vasant Shala)

  • Vaacha: The Museum Of Tribal Voice, 2005 (Approx 2000 art work displayed at Museum)

  • Himlok: Institute for Himalayan Studies, 2006 (Colloboration with Government of Himachal Pradesh for research in Himalayan studies) Kyelang Community Museum, 2007 (Established Tribal museum on highest peak of India)

  • National Consortium of Indian Tribal Arts and Culture, 2007 (Created Consortium of Tribal Arts of all over India and linked all tribal museums and Tribal Research Institute)

  • Purva Prakash Trust (for Publications), 2008 (More than 100 titles published)

  • Chotro International Conference Series, 2008 (Five big international conferences)

  • Green Economic Zones, 2009 (1200 villages members involved in the process)

  • Creation of Digital Corpus of Tribal Music, 2007 (Digitization and documentation of tribal music of Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Aassam, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand)

  • Peoples Linguistic Survey of India, 2010 (90 volumes covering 780 languages in India, a biggest survey of languages in the history of India in last 100 years)

  • Tribal Visual Archives, 2011 (Website containing images, videos, audios of tribal communities and documentation of related activities)

  • Community Ethnographies, 2012 (Covering 80 communities all over Gujarat and targeting 300 more communities all over India)

  • Bhasha ebooks, 2013 (More than 60 titles uploaded on website for readers)

  • Bhasha Van, 2013 (an open museum of voice where tree speaks languages, 60 living languages)

  • Ayush Programme, Ayush Ministry programme of Ayush intervention in tribal villages (150 villages of Chhotaudepur district are involved in the programme)